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Holographic applications

Considering numerous holographic properties one can utilize it in various engineering and industrial application such as :
هولوگرام  Manufacturing some optical components such as lace

هولوگرام  Interferometer industry

هولوگرام  Manufacturing virtual models

هولوگرام  Non-destructive testing (N.D.T)

هولوگرام  Data storage and maintenance

هولوگرام Ancient antique artifacts

هولوگرام  Medical and pharmaceutical industries

هولوگرام  And at last "creating 3-D images in order to form an effective tool preventing unhealthy competition which is generally called a hologram label.

Product reputation is together with consumer confidence and at the same time increases the possibility of copying while counterfeit goods with the same appearance and a lower quality compared to primary product gradually cause loss of credibility of the main producers. Using 3-D laser labels (hologram) is a new solution to overcome such issues in developed countries. Using hologram labels is restricted under the authority of developed countries and the possibility of making hologram labels is limited to product patent commercially owned. Since only registered holders of commercial properties are capable of printing/copying, it becomes impossible for exploitation. The hologram is mentioned as ensuring label since it is impossible to copy and/or proliferation after production. So companies active in export of their products and has a reputation in the country are required to utilize hologram labels because consumers know about hologram credit and trust products that hologram labels are included on them. However, utilization of holographic technology requires issues to be considered, for example some companies only role as a mediator and there is no guarantee that the original manufacturer won't begin to produce hologram labeled products again and selling them to another client, besides, if it fail to do this, persecute is impossible. Today, holograms applications are as follow;

Security aspects

هولوگرام Hologram labels serve as anti-copy devices, coated with plastic plates and used as a factor to identify information. Printing such security hologram requires operating printers that is badge printers. Badge hologram is comprised of several film layers including a resistant layer of polyester and some other tough layers. Badge parts and offset prints of films can create three-dimensional hologram with outstanding protrudes. Taking pictures of the hologram is very difficult and this led to its security applications. Hologram is used to create a packaging distinction in a market having similar types of goods. Hologram is a popular method to protect the brand.

هولوگرام Cards and warranty cards

هولوگرام Legal documents

هولوگرام Transportation documents

هولوگرام Identical cards

هولوگرام Credit cards

هولوگرام Letter of credit

Direct post or advertisements :

Usage of hologram in this fields results high value:

هولوگرام Decorative panels

هولوگرام  Visit cards

هولوگرام Fantasy pictures

هولوگرام Advertisement

هولوگرام Books and magazines


Usage in packing :

هولوگرام Spare parts of industrial machines

هولوگرام greeting cards

هولوگرام Cosmetics products

هولوگرام jewel

هولوگرام Media tools

هولوگرام watch

هولوگرام Hardware parts

هولوگرام food

هولوگرام Software CDs

هولوگرام computer

هولوگرام Industrial raw materials

هولوگرام tobacco

هولوگرام Building raw materials

هولوگرام clothing

هولوگرام Automobile raw materials


Sports or Business Cards

هولوگرام All of these cards are made of foils. Embossed holograms of sports heroes during exercise properly mark business values of those cards. Such tags can be used on various goods and gifts and can serve as an effective method of advertising packages on many commodities. Except for abovementioned items, such method can be utilized in most of everyday available products as an integral component of the product. This method can be utilized in large sizes as stands, advertising signs and similar items. 

Hologram Security
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