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Order Procedure

1- Initial negotiations including presenting information on;

a. Receiving features required for hologram label
b. Additional customer features
c. Hologram label size/dimension
d. Number of hologram labels
e. Getting the hologram design based on customer idea

1- Initial negotiations including presenting information on

2- Evaluation of total costs of the final label design and hologram production costs and announcing prices to customer
3- Receiving customer orders along with contract documents Documents required for contract are as follow:

- Customer identification documents (real clients or legal entity registration)
- Economic client code
- Determining the representative with a written introduction letter
- Preparing production license

4- Contract agreement

5- Designing the plan required by the customer to confirm

6- Receiving the design approval from the customer

7- Label production planning and coordination with the customer representatives

8- Labels delivery to the customer representative according to Minutes Of Meeting (MOM) proceedings

9- Account settlement at the same site labels delivery to the customer representative

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