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About Hologram

What Is Hologram


A Hologram is not made by printing or by some kind of ink as is commonly supposed but by the sophisticated technology of Laser Optics.
A Hologram is a visual medium providing a high potential image in three dimensions (3 D) making it instantly recognizable to the naked eye and uniquely resistant to counterfeiting. Holograms, with their high-quality, high-definition optical image, are very effective in combating fraud.
Apart from the three-dimensional Effect and the depth effect which are the basic features of the hologram, during the process of holographic recording (which is the same as the process of Master Origination) it is possible to create other effects such as The Animation Effect, The Dynamic Effect, The Kinetic Effect etc. and also to conceal code letters or numbers or secret images or incorporate Micro-Lettering in one of the layers of the Hologram. These are some of the typical optical security features incorporated in Holograms to make them impossible to replicate. Some of these features can be viewed only with the aid of special viewing instruments or under special lighting conditions.
The lacquering on the film is done to impart an additional security feature, namely the property of “Tamper-Evidence”. If anyone tries to remove a hologram, only the bare polyester film will come off in his fingers, leaving the impression/ image of the hologram on the surface on which it was originally affixed, thus revealing the evidence of tamper with the hologram.
Being a three dimensional impression and virtually impossible to replicate, a security hologram is an inimitable symbol of genuineness and has extra-ordinary visual appeal when viewed under any type of natural or artificial light as it displays the different colors of the spectrum i.e. colors seen in a rainbow.


In Today’s world every manufacturer and organization would obviously like to protect his or her brand or document against spoiling its spurious duplicates, imitations or look-alikes thus eating into its profit and brand name. This is where the security hologram comes in, providing that extra protection a brand or document.

Hologram grouping

هولوگرام هولوگرام Hologram with Serial number :
the use of these serial number is in order for security and document control
هولوگرام Hologram for identity card :
transparent holograms with 3D images to protect ID cardsagainst counterfeiting and  Increase security of ID cards
هولوگرام Tamper evident hologram :
While in some case it leaves behind a residue or sticky substance after they are peeled away. Common message like “canceled” , ”void”  and "seal broken" appear at the desired place
هولوگرام Hologram with hidden image :
This kind of hidden  image on hologram sticker just can be seen with help of laser pointer (laser reading pen)
هولوگرام Hologram tape :
it provides tamper evident protection at the highest level and offers aHigh level of protection for envelope, box and cartons
هولوگرام Hot stamp foil :
Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. This is one method of security printing.

Types of hologram

هولوگرام هولوگرام 2D holography master origination just has one layer of hologram image. It doesn’t have any other layers other than on surface. 2D hologram has several color hologram image or text on surface, without virtual depth, but very shining, especially its big rainbow area. Most of flip-flop effect and most true color image is 2D on surface because it has best shininess.

هولوگرام 2D/3D holography master origination has one more than one layer of hologram image. 2D/3D hologram image is obtained by combining the several layers together in to one holography master. But on the each surface of the layers. It is also 2D effect.

هولوگرام FLIP-FLOP effect is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. It's also called two channel effects of 2D/3D. Flip-Flop hologram can display two images from different viewing angle. When viewing angle changes horizontally or vertically, different through the hologram.

هولوگرام Floating effect is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. Floating image or text floats highly above the surface, which causes the image has movement effect contrast to hologram images on other layer. It also has some kind of flip-flop effects if the floating image has big viewing angle.

هولوگرام 2D/3D Kinetic Movement hologram image composed by at least 3 viewing angle color lines in some certain sequence. Every line has its own viewing angle, so lots lines can have kinetic movement effect. Kinetic movement effect made by 2D/3D master shooting system doesn’t have so good movement effect as hologram made by Dot-matrix master shooting system because 2D/3D kinetic movement effect is composed of hologram lines. Not millions of dots as Dot-matrix hologram have.

هولوگرام True color image is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. True color hologram is made photographic quality art-work, especially, of high resolution photo of people. If counterfeiters can't get the original photo, they can't duplicate hologram close to original hologram. It’s a very good way to achieve anti-counterfeit performance by true color hologram.

هولوگرام Dot Matrix holography original master created using a high resolution dot structure. Viewed under a microscope the kinetic dot-matrix holography images reveals thousands of tiny sub-micron grooves over minuscule area.

هولوگرام 2D/3D and Dot-matrix combination methods into a hybrid hologram can be very effective in combining the broader viewing angle of movement effect dot-matrix hologram and brightness and viewing depth of 2D/3D hologram. With the virtual depth in 2D/3D hologram and movement dot-matrix effect, combination can create an impact that has extra-ordinary viewing effects and also security features.

Hologram Security
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