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هولوگرام هولوگرام Hologram is the most appropriate tools to prevent unhealthy competition while creating security.

هولوگرام The main advantage of hologram is difficulties in counterfeiting procedure and expensive expenditures. So it is the best tool to protect documents and products because a prototype hologram by no means can be reproduced using conventional methods. It requires a very complex and specific conditions in special laboratories using special experts. Hologram is increasingly becoming an integral part of documents & programs security in the commercial and governmental affairs. Besides, hologram is used on papers, documents, money and identification cards. An important capability of holograms which makes non-fraud is that different levels and layers of information and visible (or invisible) images can be inserted into it.

هولوگرام Holograms are completely protected against copying and against the common methods of the most sophisticated scanners & photocopying.

هولوگرام Holograms cannot be transferred from commodity goods to another even if methods such as heat, steam, and … are applied

هولوگرام Hologram is highly sensitive and cannot be manipulated or distorted.

هولوگرام Hologram manufacturer must be a member of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) in London. Therefore holograms produced by companies that are members of the union are registered in the Union and therefore prevent any cheating and multiplication without the proprietor permission.

هولوگرام Preparing MASTER laser film requires optical devices that are arranged in specific locations. Small displacement of optical devices for laser registration changes the hologram image. So re-creation of an image without any changes to primary image (even for the first major manufacturer of hologram) is impossible. Therefore preparing such image on nickel sheets is very difficult and cannot be copied.

Appearance and structure Aspects of hologram

هولوگرام • Long-life and durability of hologram are its significant advantages,

هولوگرام • Producing holograms at various design, sizes and diversity has facilitate its usability and attachment on various types of goods, and could be applied in different sectors of industries, products, and services.

هولوگرام • Beauty, visual attractiveness, and brilliant effects of hologram made it more noticeable compared to other visual messages. Such features increase the hologram influence on products compared to other commodities lack the hologram.

هولوگرام • Heat resistance for goods that are exposed to heat rates.

هولوگرام • In terms of mental aspects people tend to keep a hologram in mind. Is it possible that such promotional gifts can be sustainable/ durable? How about a promotional pen or a calendar? Certainly not!

هولوگرام • Holographic products form a unique market for their goods and could be applied on gift cards and collections. Meanwhile, spectra of seven colors when light reflects from the hologram form the unique three-dimensional image that accordingly affects the product market and increases its value.

هولوگرام • Considering manufacturers losses realized due to fraud, utilization of hologram would be quite economical. Overall production cost of hologram is much less than losses due to losses due to non-genuine goods.

Hologram Security
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