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Holographic Patterned Foils

Holographic Patterned Foils



Holographic patterned foils consist of various elements or geometric designs repeated in either a random or structured pattern to create a two-dimensional effect. As the angle of view changes, individual elements within the pattern produce an illusion of depth, while the shimmering, prismatic effect creates a spectrum of changing colors.Many standard holographic patterns and colors are available. Common patterns include rainbow (oil slick with no actual pattern), kaleidoscope, broken ice and specific random shapes such as snowflakes and stars. The most common background color is metallic silver, but holographic patterns also are available in gold, red, blue and several other metallic colors.A relatively new product on the market today is clear holographic patterns. The foil product is completely transparent with a holographic pattern running through it. It has become quite popular on children’s books, greeting cards and folding carton applications. It’s most often foil stamped over the top of a printed image to provide both additional gloss and a holographic sparkle.Common applications for holographic patterns include packaging, greeting cards, book covers, brochures and special event invitations

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