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اصول ذخیره سازی هولوگرافی

اصول ذخیره سازی هولوگرافی

 Two-dimensional page of digital data.

A section of a page of binary data, representing what would appear on the spatial light modulator is shown. A typical page would contain 1024 x 1024 bits and the size of each bit cell would be 15-20 microns.


 Fundamentals of holographic storage: recording.

A two-dimensional pattern of ones and zeros is transferred from the computer cpu and is displayed on a spatial light modulator (SLM) as a corresponding pattern of high and low transmission. A laser beam passes through the SLM, picking up the displayed pattern and is directed to a recording medium where it interferes with another beam, called the reference beam, to form the hologram. A new pattern, or page of information, is set up on the SLM and another hologram is recorded in the same volume of material with a different reference beam. As shown here, the reference beam angle is changed with each hologram recording. A large number of different holograms are recorded in this manner, perhaps as many as 5,000, depending on the thickness and properties of the recording medium.


 Fundamental of holographic storage: retrieval.

To retrieve a page of information that had been stored holographically, the recording medium is illuminated with the reference beam corresponding to that page; in this case the direction of the reference beam is selected. This light interacts with all the recorded holograms but is an exact match with only one of them. A beam is light is created that is identical to the light that was coming from the SLM when that page was displayed, illuminated and finally recorded. This light is imaged onto an array of photodetectors, converted to an electrical signal and transferred back to the cpu via the electronic channel. Each page can be retrieved independently by using the associated reference beam.


 Components of a holographic storage system.

Some of the components of a holographic storage system are shown in this simplified schematic diagram.. Not shown are the complexity of optics required, the mechanical transport systems to access other recording volumes, the electronics required to control the system and the channels needed to format and decode data. It will probably occupy the space of a 2-drawer file cabinet.

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