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How to Make a Hologram on Paper

How to Make a Hologram on Paper

Making a hologram is a simple procedure that makes anyone look like a professional. The process is easy to do but requires the right tools that can be purchased from a hobby supply store as well as items found around the house. Once you have the right tools, you are about an hour away from making amazing art concepts on paper

    • 1
      Keep the film plate in the box. Place the object on the floor. Fill the soda can with sand
    • 2
      Secure the clothes pin on the diode. Place this in the sand to stand securely in place.
    • 3
      Remove the adjustable lens on the diode and point it at the object. Turn off all lights
    • 4
      Balance the cardboard in up against the diode, positioning it between the object and removing all illumination from it. This is the shutter that will "open" to expose the film plate
    • 5
      Remove the film plate from the box in the darkest possible area of the room, holding it with tongs.
    • 6
      Place a holographic plate with the tongs perpendicular to the ground against the object between it and the diode
    • 7
      Open the shutter by lifting the cardboard slowly and exposing the object through the film plate with the diode for ten seconds.
    • 8
      Replace the shutter in position, removing light from the object.
    • 9
      Follow instructions for holographic plate from the box it was purchased in, generally allowing it to soak in two solutions for several minutes, one after the other
    • 10
      Remove the plate with tongs and allow it to dry standing up
    • 11
      Peel the paper from the holographic plate
    • 12
      Shine natural light through at the hologram and look at it
Tips & Warnings
  • Always handle the holographic plate with the tongs
  • Never look directly into a laser diode

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