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Foil Prelam is a patented prelaminate product manufactured by CompoSecure, LLC
which utilizes Crown Roll Leaf’s foil polyester (PET) material. Utilizing
CompoSecure’s materials science technology, this foil prelam transforms standard
financial transaction cards into an attractive, consistently durable marketing message for
your clients.
Foil Prelam is a clear PET composite material which is available in sheet form, .010”
thick. The following foil options are offered:
• Plain Silver/Plain Silver or Plain Gold/Plain Silver
• Silver Rainbow/Silver Rainbow or Gold Rainbow/Silver Rainbow Holographic
• A Variety of Crown Roll Leaf Patterns (please refer to Crown’s Pattern book)
• HRI Transparent Patterns
• Registered Silver or Gold Holograms, stepped up to your specifications. The
tolerance for these sheets is +/- 1/32”.
One sheet of .010” Foil Prelam is placed in the center of a standard .030” buildup. Clear
PVC is printed (.008” with overlay, or .010” clear PVC) and laminated on both sides of
the Foil Prelam. Generally, clear PVC is used for the front of the sheet and clear or white
PVC is used for the back of the sheet. Due to the fact that the metalized PET layer is in
the center of the build-up, there are no PET “potato chipping” flatness problems.
Foil Prelam is ideally suited to create unique financial transaction and gift cards. Since
Foil Prelams are placed in the center of a .030” sheet, when clear material is utilized on
both sides, unique graphic and security effects can be achieved for identification products
such as driver’s licenses and national ID cards.
While the purchase price of Foil Prelam is comparable to other foil based polyesters, the
real savings occurs with its ease of use. Rather than print directly onto the Foil Prelam,
the printing should be done on top of lower cost PVC material, thereby reducing total
waste dollars significantly. The application of the Foil Prelam is not implemented until
the Lamination step; therefore none is wasted during the Printing process.
Origination fees are to be paid directly to Crown Roll Leaf
(Contact: Jamie Kipp, Phone-973.742.4000).

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